Do you have a desire to rekindle the romance?
Let us take you back to the moment you once knew.

Are you interested in enhancing your dating life?
You adore each other, but it doesn’t hurt to remember why.

Romantic Date Experiences is for couples that understand the importance of infusing romance into
their relationship that will spark emotional involvement towards one another, to stay close and connected.

We help couples achieve romance intensity in their relationship by creating very unique
romantic encounters at premier venues throughout California; just-for-two experiences at Museums,
Aquariums, Zoological Gardens, Beautiful Estates, 5-Star Resorts, a Castle in Napa and the legendary USS Midway.
Venues are closed to the public and couples are escorted in after hours for a once in a lifetime experience!

We invite you to be a part of something special that will change your life forever. Say YES! to extraordinary
dates filled with luxury, passion, romance, adventure and excitement…

…and we will see to it that you encounter unforgettable dates!

Play Together. Stay Together!

About Us

Romantic Date Experiences is the number one provider for luxury dates, designed to keep couples close and connected. Exclusive within the industry, Romantic Date Experiences represents a new paradigm in couple’s dating.

Choose from a selection of luxury experiences ranging in price from $1,500 to $20,000 that can be tailored to meet your needs. Customize an experience to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, and other momentous occasions such as an engagement, renewing wedding vows, or a gift for a special couple.

We are much honored to partner with super talented entertainers, world-renowned award winning chefs, sommeliers, and well respected service providers who assist us in customizing romantic date experiences that have never been done before!

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Latest News

David Matz Performs a CYR Hoop Acrobat Dance for You!

David was featured on You Think You Can Dance, Season 9

Stephen Fishwick, A Renowned International Talent!

Customize a private live performance date experiences with Stephen Fishwick

Eddie Osterland, America’s first Master Sommelier

Customize a private date experiences with Eddie Osterland